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British designer based in Madrid, with my own studio since 1999. Lecturer at Universidad Europea Madrid on the Bachelors design degree since 2008/09. Graduated from Central Saint Martins, London in 1986 with a BA Hons degree in Graphic Design and Masters in Design from Madrid's Complutense University in 2015. Now preparing my PhD in Circular Design at the UCLM. All content: © Lucinda Morrissey 2018


Archive 2004 | logo for olive oil company in Jaen, Spain

A new logotype was much needed to modernise this family-owned olive oil producer in Andalusia c.2004 in order to compete with new foreign markets. 

The project included the design of their website, stationery and packaging. Trajan typography was chosen for its elegance and to balance the iconic rendition of a juicy olive fresh from the tree. The colour palette plays with the colours used in the olive oil sector, complementing and contrasting as needed.


UX introduction course at Erretres thanks to La Nave Nodriza

This course was brilliant, now I understand why I get so impatient with some online/digital issues, it's clearly not me failing to think like a Millennium, but just some badly designed UX experiences.

Pondering... creating fruit metadata with Luis who entertained Esther & myself non-stop! 

Our group project & initial process.

Great teachers... make all the difference!


TEDxUniversidadEuropeaMadrid 2017

Co-coordinating the tedxuniversidadeuropeamadrid.com on 31st May at the Villaviciosa Campus with Chrisa Sampanes, and pleased to announce Jorge Mañes Rubio (a Ted Fellow) will be one of our speakers. 

This year's theme antidisciplinary is beyond the multidisciplinary, where maximum innovation is possible. Working as a team, not as a simple sum of specific individual knowledge, but with a mutual contamination as a result of not being confined within specific disciplines, this is currently the drive behind cutting edge companies and technological innovations –a new society based on collective intelligence.

Images from TEDxUniversidadEuropeaMadrid 2016.

Graphic identity designed by second year graphics student, Corina Chocron, at the Universidad Europea de Madrid on the Design Degree.


Minimalist signage

Maison du Projet de la Lainière, is the first registered C2C (Cradle to Cradle Inspired) building in France by Carlos Arroyo Architects, Madrid. Each element is bio sourced and demountable for reuse. The Futura typography and minimalist treatment of the signage is all that is needed to welcome residents, local associations, communities to use this multi-purpose space for events related to the 1920's factory.


PhD progress... First steps

Finally studying for my PhD (Cuenca Campus, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha). 

Keywords: circular economy, design, ethics, sustainability, recycling, upcycling, cradle to cradle, closed loop, regenerative, social innovation, wellbeing, landfill, waste, excess, resistance... 


Traducciones / Translations

La XIII Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo nace del interés por aquellas arquitecturas que plantean alternativas de progreso en una época de recuperación del paisaje y de renovación del espacio urbano de la ciudad y sus construcciones.

La X Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura y Urbanismo es una iniciativa del Gobierno de España, consolidada, como una de las referencias fundamentales para conocer la situación actual y prospectiva de la arquitectura y del urbanismo en la comunidad iberoamericana.

13th Biennial of Spanish Architecture and Urbanism supports architectures that pose progressive alternatives in an era of landscape recuperation and renewal of urban space and its buildings. 

10th Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism is an initiative of the Government of Spain, consolidated as one of the fundamental references for current and prospective architecture and urbanism in the Latin American community.


Spanish Post Office (competition 2013)

Tres conceptos para el "Sobre de Primer Día” unificando la fiesta de Los Patios de Córdoba y el Flamenco, formaba parte del concurso restringido para formar parte del equipo de diseñadores de los sellos de Correos España.

Three concepts for a "First Day of Emission" envelope uniting the Córdoba Patio's with Flamenco, as part of the by invitation competition to choose the design team for the stamps for the Spanish Post Office.